Tap into ARIA Your Soul is Calling You

Your Soul is Calling – Tap into ARIA to Hear its Song

What is ARIA?  

In musical terms, an aria is a piece of music written for one voice, with or without accompaniment, normally part of a larger work.  On the Path4Change, ARIA is your song, the song of your soul. It represents your path or life calling.    

The word "aria" derives from the Latin word aer (air) - representing the atmospheric or airy style of singing or playing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi (or chi) is often translated as life energy and definitions often involve breath, air, gas, or the relationship between matter, energy, and spirit.

Tap into ARIA to hear the song of your life and calling:

Awareness  - Know what you want, wish or desire now and in the future
Resilience - Develop your strengths and ability to make changes  
Inspiration - Create pathways around and through problems to reach your goal
Action - Take the next best steps using a system to track your progress  

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