Setting an Appointment

You may have a few questions about how I can help. For this reason I offer prospective clients a free 15 minute phone or webcam consultation. This will give us the opportunity to get acquainted and is a great way to make sure that you get the service that is right for you. 

Dan Kimball, MC, LPC

Dan Kimball, MC LPC

Call me Today

At the beginning of the call I will introduce myself, provide you with some background information about my qualifications, services, training and fees. I will also use the time to learn more about you, and to make sure your goals match my abilities and areas of specialization. I will ask you just enough information to determine if we can work together.

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After the Initial Consultation

After our introductory conversation, you should have a sense of my personality, style and approach - and a general idea of the course of action you may wish to pursue.  I should have a preliminary idea of your problem or goal, along with a sense of your personality, strengths, and learning style.  Each of us should have a firm idea of what’s going to happen next, even if you choose not to work with me. 

If you do decide to work with me, you will have the option to set up another appointment. I will then provide you a welcome packet that contains information related to informed consent, confidentiality, and the online and in office policies.

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