Dan Kimball, MC, LPC

Licensed Masters Level Counselor
Certified Recovery Coach
Board Certified Coach
 Distance Credentialed Counselor



My name is Dan Kimball, owner of Path4Change PLLC. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, social isolation, relationship issues, or just general life dissatisfaction – I can help you to get your life back on track.

Professional Background
I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters in Counseling in 1999. I am recognized as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Supervisor by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. Over the past 17 years I have provided group, individual and couple’s counseling using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Treatment.

I have additional training in Online Counseling, as a Life Coach, and as a Progressive Recovery Coach for those with addictions. Currently I am pursuing additional training in the Gottman Method for couples.

My approach has the intention of helping you strengthen, stretch beyond your comfort zone, and learn new ways for improving your life. For some, this may involve exploring old patterns of thought and behaviors and to replace these with more positive coping skills, while others may benefit from a more solution-oriented approach that works to identify specific life goals and how to reach them. 


My Approach

I’ve been using motivational interviewing and research based change theories in my clinical and supervisory work for almost two decades.
I have distilled my personal and professional experience into a concise process to get you moving forward on your life’s journey.

The Path4Change approach is for those ready to make changes in their lives, but especially for those at a crossroads, facing a difficult challenge, or who have become frustrated realizing that past approaches no longer work.

Call 602-999-1243 or schedule a free consultation below to discuss how I may help you with your current concerns.


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Dan Kimball, MC, LPC
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