Path4Change: A Four Step Method of Change

My name is Dan Kimball, and I am the owner of Path4Change. If you are experiencing depression, social isolation, anxiety or relationship issues - or just general life dissatisfaction - I can help you get your life back on track.

The Path4Change approach is for anyone ready to make changes in their lives, but especially for those at a crossroads, facing a difficult challenge, or who have become frustrated realizing that past approaches no longer work.


Dan Kimball, MC LPC

Education and Experience

I have over 20 years of experience in the mental health profession. I specialize in treating depression, as well as anxiety and addictions for adolescents and adults. Recently I have expanded my services to include recovery coaching, life coaching, and online counseling. I combine several theoretical orientations in my practice, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, mindfulness, positive psychology, as well as mental skills training in life coaching.

Couples Counseling & Premarital Coaching

I am a provider of the Gottman Method for Couples, and am certified to provide premarital coaching using the Prepare/Enrich Program and Online Assessment.

Mindfulness-Based Practice

I am a certified tai chi instructor and teach classes in Anthem, using  both mindfulness and breathing techniques.


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Why Work with Me?

Experience: I've been where you are. I've set out to change things, set big goals, only to flounder, struggle with procrastination, fear, doubt, worry, depression, self-limiting beliefs, destructive habits, etc.

Results-Oriented: I look for real-world actionable results. I developed my Path4Change model to synthesize the current knowledge of change theories to ensure I have the most cutting-edge strategies that produce meaningful changes.

Walking the Talk: I practice self-development daily. This brings me the greatest joy, seeing amazing results in my own life and constantly improving the Path4Change model.

Practical Application: I take a common-sense approach to counseling, coaching and self-development. I'm optimistic, friendly, easy to talk to, diligent, honest, professional and responsive. I go above and beyond to make sure you get results.