About Path4Change

“If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, social isolation, parenting problems, relationship issues, or just general life dissatisfaction - I can help you to get your life back on track. I have over 22 years of professional experience and training, and look forward to helping you on your journey.” 

Education & Certifications
1999 - Masters Degree in Counseling  
2015 - Certified Life Coach
2015 - Certified Progressive Recovery Coach
2017 - Gottman Method Couples Counselor - Level II
2018 - Certified Prepare/Enrich Premarital Coach
2019 - Certified Optimize Coach
2020 Black Belt Certified Tai Chi Instructor

As a professional counselor and wellness coach - I can help you reach your greatest potential!

Professional Background

I have over 20 years of experience in the mental health profession, having graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters in Counseling in 1999. I am recognized as a Licensed Professional Counselor by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health. I have worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, providing group and individual therapy to people of all ages and backgrounds.

My Approach
I provide both professional counseling and life coaching for individuals and couples depending on your specific needs. The Path4Change approach draws from several disciplines and evidenced based techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Motivational Interviewing and Positive Psychology.

As a provider of the Gottman Method for Couples, I help partners to break out of unhealthy cycles and get back on the same team again. I do this by providing you with communication tools, using the Gottman Institute’s research-based approach to relationships and the Sound Relationship House Theory.

Wellness-Based Practice
As a certified black belt and tai chi instructor, I incorporate mindfulness, qigong and other health related disciplines into my work. I have trained in kung fu and tai chi for over 14 years and I competed in numerous tournaments. Martial arts has helped me to know more about the mind/body connection and how to push past my own personal limitations.

Why Work with Me?

Experience: I've been where you are. I've set out to change things, set big goals, only to flounder, struggle with procrastination, fear, doubt, worry, depression, self-limiting beliefs, destructive habits, etc.

Results-Oriented: I look for real-world actionable results. I developed my Path4Change model to synthesize the current knowledge of change theories to ensure I have the most cutting-edge strategies that produce meaningful changes.

Walking the Talk: I practice self-development daily. This brings me the greatest joy, seeing amazing results in my own life and constantly improving the Path4Change model.

Practical Application: I take a common-sense approach to counseling, coaching and self-development. I'm optimistic, friendly, easy to talk to, diligent, honest, professional and responsive. I go above and beyond to make sure you get results.

Counseling Services

In Office Counseling - $150
One hour Individual or couples session  See Map.

Online Counseling - $75 to $150 
Log into your session in a way that is convenient, affordable, safe and just as effective as face to face. Learn more!

Couples Intensive- $ 960
8 One-hour in office or online webcam conversations
Weekly homework assignments tailored to your goals to help you between sessions. Includes the Gottman Relationship Assessment

Coaching Services

Coaching Session - $75 to $150
Single coaching call or online session. Target a single issue right away. Learn more about coaching

Find My Path - One Month Intensive - $500
4 One-hour phone or secure webcam conversations
Weekly homework assignments tailored to your goals 
Unlimited email between sessions 
Online community support

Three Month Intensive - $1400
12 One-hour phone or secure webcam conversations
Weekly homework assignments tailored to your goals 
Unlimited email between sessions 
Online community support