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Welcome to the Path4Change

Hi, my name is Dan Kimball, owner of Path4Change.  

I work with people who are strong and self-sufficient, but may be at risk for addiction, anxiety, depression, increased stress or are having difficulty in a relationship.   

At Path4Change, I strive to provide the most effective, evidence-based approaches in individual counseling, couples counseling, and my coaching services.  All of these techniques have been born out of positive psychology, wellness coaching and the supportive alliance to promote your physical and mental health. 

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Getting Started

Path4Change can help you successfully start a new chapter of your life by using an action-oriented, goal-focused, problem-solving approach. This process will empower you to realize your potential, by helping your create a vision and step by step plan to begin making positive changes in your life. Tap into your true potential, so you can see it, believe it, and do it.  

Change & Growth

We will start with building an awareness of what you need or want in your life, and amplify this with radical acceptance - to help you consider areas you need to change.

Once we’ve eliminated anything holding you back, and tapped into your strengths, values and capabilities to propel you forward, we will then explore the best ways to go about getting what you want.

The final part will be taking small, actionable steps, while holding yourself accountable to the process of achieving your long term goals.  Sound good?   

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