Counseling and Coaching Services

Welcome to my website. This is a place where you can become more aware of, explore and develop your own path for change and personal growth. We are all on the path, and we can use it to find our meaning, direction, vitality, mission, purpose, identity, and happiness.  

People often look to counseling or coaching because they feel stuck in some repeating pattern, or cannot make progress in meaningful ways. They feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn, or just can't seem to bring themselves to do the things that would really help. This awareness of what's not working is often the entry point on the Path for Change.

Awareness Creates Change

The awareness that something needs to change often shows up as a life crisis that grabs your full attention. It shakes you up and may manifest as depression, anxiety, stress or negative coping. This is the time to embrace the beginnings of change if you want to see some improvement in the situation and in yourself. 

The Path4Change is designed to help you capitalize on this moment, by taking a step-by-step approach to making some positive changes in your life. This often involves realizing that your current behaviors are self limiting, and current beliefs may be holding you back. By learning how to improve your motivation, identifying potential roadblocks and exploring practical steps you can take, you can begin to take immediate, goal-oriented steps in the right direction.

As the counseling or coaching progresses, the goal often shifts from getting rid of something, to a more positive one such as improving your health, creating better relationships, having more satisfying creative work, and furthering your own flow and natural path.

The Process of Change

Path4Change employs a 4-Step Model of Change that guides you through areas of Awareness and Motivation, to Exploration and Action. Using a combination of evidence-based practices specific to each of the four aspects of change, each session examines the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are self limiting and collaboratively identifies the new choices and behaviors that will help you move forward to more authentic and genuine happiness. The primary focus is on developing positive change and developing daily practices that will transform the way you live.