Counseling & Coaching Services

Hi - my name is Dan, and I am a licensed professional counselor and the owner of Path4Change. I offer counseling and coaching services to help you cope with your current life challenges, while making positive changes at home, work, school or in your relationships.

I have over 20 years of experience helping people with anger, depression, anxiety, job stress, addictions, relationship issues, couples conflicts and more. If you are ready to start, or just want to learn more about what is available to you, I offer a free consultation.  Find out more today.

Dan Kimball, MC LPC

Dan Kimball, MC, LPC

Individual and couples sessions are conversational and collaborative, yet action-oriented. I use a supportive style that will feel very comfortable to men who need to discuss a particular challenge, such as work or relationship issues, substance misuse, stress, depression or personal setbacks.

As a Gottman Method Couples Counselor I can help each of you communicate and resolve conflicts more effectively, explore your individual and shared goals, explore new levels of intimacy, trust and more.