Counseling for Men

“The Path4Change provides an innovative method for men who might not otherwise use mental health services. It is for men who are strong and self-sufficient, but may be at risk for addiction, anxiety, depression, or self-sabotaging behaviors, because they are hesitant to ask for help when they need it.” 

~ Dan Kimball, MC, LPC

Are you unhappy, having relationship issues, or finding it hard to resolve problems on your own?

I offer individual & couples counseling to help with:

The hardest part was just starting.

“The hardest part was just starting.”
A common statement by new clients

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    Career change and job stress

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    Substance abuse & other addictions

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    Prolonged depression, anxiety or excessive fears

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    Couple’s conflict, communication problems and stress

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    Loss of hope, trust and commitment in a relationship

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    Survival and recovery from affairs


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Getting Started

Get Started Today

When looking for counseling services, a few important questions will help you find the right services, for the best outcome:

  • Do you need individual, a group or couples counseling?
  • Would you prefer in office or online sessions?
  • Does the counselor specialize in the type of concern you have?
  • Is this counselor a good fit for me?
  • What are their fees?

If you use your healthcare insurance, I am considered an out of network provider, and can provide you a claim to submit for reimbursement.