The most important step is the one you are taking right now.

Counseling and Coaching

Most likely you’ve come to this site because you’re at a crossroads in your life AND you’re wondering if coaching or counseling can help you. The Path4Change is for people who are strong and self-sufficient, but may be at risk for addiction, anxiety, depression, or self-sabotaging behaviors, because they are hesitant to ask for help when they need it.
I hope what you read here will help you in choosing your next step.


“I offer both counseling and coaching to help you cope with your current life challenges, while making positive changes at home, work, school and in your relationships. I’ve been successful in addressing anger, depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, job stress, addictions, couples conflict and more. I bring years of professional experience and training, and look forward to helping you on your journey.”

Awareness | Motivation | Exploration | Action

Path4Change employs a 4-Step Model of Change that will help you develop positive changes and daily practices that will transform the way you live. Using a combination of Evidence Based Practices specific to each of the four aspects of change, you will move through the areas  to reach your goals.

Learn how to improve your mood and behavior through awareness, critical analysis of your roadblocks, and exploring practical steps you can take towards immediate, goal-oriented change. The Path4Change starts by focusing on the overlap between your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physical health to develop realistic obtainable goals for self-improvement. Built on a solid foundation of Change Theory from leading experts in the field, the Path4Change combines over 80 change techniques to match your needs with your current motivation, willpower, self talk and actions to improve your life.

With the Path4Change, you choose the direction you want to go, while accessing different behavior change strategies to create your own one-of-a-kind road to success. The Path4Change will help you leave your comfort zone and challenge you to try out new ways of being and doing, while providing you the support and insight to overcome the most common obstacles. Not just a technique or theory, the Path4Change is a roadmap of the change process, that will help you move past today's obstacles and get to where you want to go.

The Place to Start

For prospective clients, please start with scheduling the free 30 minute consultation call.

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