Counseling and Coaching Services

Welcome to my website. This is a place where you can become more aware of, explore and develop your own path for change and personal growth. We are all on the Path. We use it it find our meaning, direction, vitality, mission, purpose, identity, and genuine connections in life.

People often look to counseling or coaching because they feel stuck in some repeating pattern, or cannot make progress in meaningful ways. They feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn, or just can't seem to bring themselves to do the things that would really help. This awareness of what's not working is often the entry point on the Path for Change.

Change Starts with Awareness

Real lasting changes only occur when you:

  • Become interested and concerned with your path, goal or need
  • Weigh the pros and cons of change, and can see a benefit 
  • Are willing commit time and energy to get where you want to go
  • Have a willingness to learn and grow along the way

My services can enhance your efforts by:

  • Increasing your awareness of where you are and where you want to be
  • Amplifying your motivation to manage ambivalence and fear
  • Noticing beliefs, feelings and behaviors that help or hinder your process
  • Reducing your risk of returning to the starting point
  • Providing caring concern, accountability and support along the way

The Process of Change

Path4Change employs a 4-Step Model of Change that guides you through areas of Awareness and Motivation, to Exploration and Action. Using a combination of evidence-based practices specific to each of the four aspects of change, each session helps you explore any thoughts, feelings and and behaviors that are self limiting and collaboratively identifies new choices and behaviors that will move forward to more authentic and genuine happiness. The primary focus is on developing positive change and developing daily practices that will transform the way you live.