Online Counseling

Access the best therapy for you - at your convenience

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or other issue, online counseling offers you the easiest way to get help and support. If finding the right care, the right professional, at the right time, has been a barrier to getting the services you need, online therapy can provide you a personal, confidential session right away.

Online counseling has now become mainstream through one-to-one video communication. You can easily receive the best therapy for you in the comfort of your own home or office.  Schedule your secure session at a time that is most convenient for you, allowing you to access care from anywhere. 

Benefits of On-line Counseling

  • A convenient way to see how counseling can help
  • Is less intimidating than going to a clinic or office setting 
  • No drive time – Schedule at a time that works for you
  • On-line therapy has shown proven effectiveness.
  • Appointment times are very flexible, and include weekend options.
  • Established clients can book mini-sessions and phone support.

To engage in a live video session over the Internet, all you need is a device (computer, tablet, or smartphone), a webcam, and a reliable internet connection. I use a HIPPA compliant Videoconferencing software platform, that guarantees that your session is always secure, private and confidential.

Important Considerations

Personal Computer or Mobile Device – The device should be able to remain in use for an hour or longer and have a personal firewall.

Monitor or Screen – The screen should be large enough to be able to see facial expressions.

Video Camera – The WebCam should have sufficient resolution and be positioned at eye level if possible.

Headset– A Speaker and microphone Headset to ensure clear communication.  

Phone – Used as a backup to provide you technical support if a loss of video communication occurs.

Internet Connectivity – A reliable internet connection that can stream video content during the entire session.

Path4Change uses secure video chat software to guarantee that your conversation is always private and confidential. Now you can access the Best Therapy for you, at your convenience, with  Live Video Counseling through your favorite device.  

I respect the privacy of your personal health information and take securing your data seriously. All efforts have been taken to make sure any email, text, audio and video transmission are secure by  following the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Security Rule.

Path4Change uses – a secure telemedicine solution used by individual clinicians and large institutions. provides a safe environment by  establishing an encrypted peer-to-peer connection to safeguard your personal heath information. 

Nothing to Download or Install works automatically in popular browsers, no need to download additional software or plugins.

Please note that online counseling is for everyone or every situation. Online counseling would not be the best option if you:

  • Have thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • Are in an urgent or emergency situation
  • Are a minor or you are under the care of a legal guardian
  • Do not have a valid picture ID  
  • Are required to attend counseling either by a court order or other authority
  • Have untreated substance abuse/dependence
  • Do not have a current PCP
  • Do not agree with the informed consent process

In determining the appropriateness for online counseling for you, I will rely on my professional assessment of your ability to benefit.

Free Online Consultation

I offer a complementary online consultation to allow you to see if this medium will work for you.  The purpose of the consultation is so we can discuss your desired goals, and to make sure I can help you. You can learn a bit about me, my services, qualifications, training and fees.   

Once you are ready to schedule an actual counseling session I will send you an Intake Packet to read and fill out prior to our online appointment. This packet contains relevant information about confidentiality, HIPAA, online services and office policies.