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Counseling Can Improve Your Life

When your current coping strategies are not working, or you have had long-standing problems such as anxiety or depression that you can no longer ignore, it is time to seek professional help. If you feel overwhelmed, have trouble making decisions, and need better coping skills, going to counseling can improve your life.  

Counseling can help you shift your outlook and adapt, not hold on to what was, but look to what is possible, to help you begin to foster a sense of hope and personal agency. Counseling can help you realize that we all can make choices and adapt, no matter what the situation. By taking an honest look at your life, and making a commitment to take control of what you can, the changes introduced will help you through difficult times, as you use new approaches and tools to overcome the challenges that you face.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation—we are challenged to change ourselves."

-Viktor Frankl

If you are dealing with:

 Prolonged depression or sadness

Excessive fears, worries and anxieties

Inability to cope with daily problems and activities

Relationship concerns

Strong feelings of anger

Suicidal thoughts

Substance abuse

Counseling can help you, so call today.

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* Increased Self-Awareness
* Lower Stress Levels
* More Self-Confidence
* Improved Habits and Routines
* Better Energy and Health
* Closer Relationships
* Enhanced Communication
* Improved Quality of Life
* Increased Happiness and more...



"I have been in therapy numerous times throughout my life. I feel that working with Dan has been much more productive than even face to face therapy with PHDs or MDs. I can disclose very personal information and always feel safe and unjudged. When I get off track he gently and kindly gets me back on track. He has gotten me through what is probably the biggest crisis in my life thus far. I would recommend Dan to anyone seeking help.

"Dan is amazing! He is very kind and a great listener but also very empowering. After two months of working with him I have a whole new level of skills and understanding of controlling my anxiety and thoughts. He is very communicative and supportive! Thank you Dan!"

"Dan has been awesome. He’s very responsive and I feel like he understands my situation. He helps me look at things from a different perspective and gives me tools to overcome my challenges. Just knowing that someone cares is huge, but he goes above and beyond that and keeps me focused on the future as well as on the steps I need to take to get there."

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