Life & Wellness Coaching

Are you ready for some real changes in your life?

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership that will help you identify your personal and professional goals, realize your strengths and potential, and create a plan of action to take control of your life. It is a partnership based on trust, confidentiality, creativity, integrity, wisdom and professionalism.

This supportive, collaborative process can help you define your goal, acknowledge what it takes to accomplish it, and leverage the power of accountability to turn that goal into a reality, at an accelerated rate! Coaching can help you successfully start a new chapter of your life by using an action-oriented, goal-focused, problem-solving approach. 

Support & Accountability

Going it alone can often feel overwhelming and difficult. It is so much easier when you have someone to motivate you, hold you accountable, and help you on your way toward making your dreams reality. Knowing that someone else is supportive and interested in your progress can be the rocket you need to get off the ground.

Create your vision and personalized step-by-step action plan to some positive changes in your life.  The Path4Change approach can help you identify and tap into your true potential, so you can see it, believe it, and do it!


The Coaching Process

One core aspect of the Path4Change Coaching Process is Motivational Interviewing, a conversational style that will strengthen YOUR OWN motivation and commitment to change. Each session you and I will work collaboratively, but I will regard you as the expert in your life, to help you clarify what will work best for you, at a pace to match your motivation and comfort with change.  

My hope is to help you stretch beyond your comfort zone and learn new ways for improving your life. For some people this may involve exploring old patterns of thought and behaviors and to replace these with more positive coping skills. Others may benefit from a more solution-oriented approach that works to identify specific life goals and how to reach them.

Coaching Packages

Find my Path – 1 Month Intensive Package – $300 

In 4 Weekly Coaching Sessions we will explore:

Where you are in your life and where you want to go
Your current values, motivation and unique strengths
Issues that that may be weighing you down and holding you back

By the end of this intensive, you will know:

Your WHY, your values, strengths and what motivates you
What defines your passion and purpose
How to let go of mental, emotional, and physical weight that is slowing you up

This Package is ideal for people who:

Have no idea what they are passionate about and need direction and clarity
Feel confused, restless, bored, or unhappy with their current life
Have fears, emotions, and limitations to address and overcome

Details: 4 One-Hour phone or Webcam Conversations
Weekly homework assignments tailored to your goals or issues holding you back
Unlimited email questions between sessions.

3-Month Coaching Intensive: $275 per Month

You’ve already uncovered your path, abilities, values and motivation, or at least you have started to know what it is about. Now you are ready to start exploring what is possible and begin taking steps and actions to make it happen. This is not an overnight camp out – as change does not happen overnight. This is like a hunt, that requires commitment and forethought. This journey involves trial and error, focused action,  experimentation, refinement, and flexibility. It also takes integrates your imagination, creativity and synchronicity. This is where the true magic in your life happens, and I will be thrilled to accompany you on your journey. Together, we’ll create the action steps to bring your bold vision into life, and I’ll keep you accountable to your actions throughout. 

During the 3-month intensive, we’ll cover Everything in the Find Your Path Package and explore:

The power of commitment
How to stretch beyond your comfort zone
How to use experimentation, failure and experience to gain momentum
Use of a system, checklist, and habit formation
How to engage your Internal and External Motivation Drives to move you toward a new life

By the end of the intensive, you will have:

Researched, tested, and experimented with ways to improve your life
Started taking steps on your preferred path
Created a clear System and Habits that will continue to the momentum  

This program is for people who:

Have some idea about where they are and where they want to go
Need direction, support and helpful tools to work through difficult phases
Want accountability and feedback while developing and taking action steps in their journey

12 one-hour phone or Skype conversations
Weekly homework assignments tailored to your goals
Unlimited email questions between sessions

Solo Trek: Predefined Routes for Common Issues – $10 – 30 per Trek

Over the years I have seen common that there are issues that people want to work on, such as weight loss, goal setting, developing an exercise plan, or just wanting to feel better.  I have created the most practical and most often used approaches to be accessed in a step by step progression, just as you would encounter in a coaching or counseling session.  This can be a good way for solo trekkers to accomplish quite a lot and save a little money in the process.

There are downsides to traveling a predefined route such as exercise or weight loss, so make sure you know what you really want before you sign up. Many trekkers prefer choosing the path or issue they want to work on with a coach as a guide. That type of package will give you more flexibility as you explore the issue of your choice.

It’s expected that you’ll interact and use some of the principles in your own life to really benefit from the experience.  You can explore at anytime, and if you want to upgrade your adventure you can do so at the end of the the trek.  

It would be impossible to list all the fantastic and unique options available, but we have highlighted a few of our favorites and some popular recommendations. These simulated trekking routes are all exceptional ways to make changes in your life, and are a great place to start.

Weigh Loss Trek 16 to 30 Days
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Best Time: Once you set this a personal goal, and must have sufficient means and time to dedicate to making lifestyle changes. 
This is the most popular trekking route in the Path4Change and with good reason. Walk in the footsteps of the world’s most famous programs used today to gain the insight and “spectacular view” from the peak of eating healthy.  

Exercise Circuit 16-30 Days
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Best Time: Have a specific motivation, and sufficient means and time to dedicate to making lifestyle changes.  An extremely popular and stunning trek with lots of variety. This route combines spectacular mountain scenery of Activity and culminates at one of the best ways to reach your highest peak.  

Sleepy Time  7 to 14 Days
Difficulty: Easy 
Best Time: Organizing your evening hours to make the evening wind down, sleep, and nap times a priority. 

This is a common trek in the Path4Change to manage stress, improve motivation and willpower to accomplish more in your day. Learn how to map out a plan for sleep as a powerhouse of energy. Wake to your life with the energy you need to pursue your dreams.