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Do you need a individual or couple's counselor near Anthem, Cave Creek, or Carefree? The Path4Change is a place where you can develop your own path for change and personal growth. We are all on the Path. We use it to find our meaning, direction and purpose in life. 

Located in the LK Institute

How do I find you?

We are in the LK Institute - which is located in the Village of Sonoran Canyon shopping center.

From Anthem, New River or Black Canyon City:
Drive on I-17 South. Take exit 223 - turn left onto W Carefree Hwy and drive .5 miles.  Turn right and park.

From Phoenix:
Drive onto I-17 North. Take exit 223 for Carefree Hwy and drive east .5 miles. Turn right and park.

We are just north of Chiropractic Rehab and Neurology Inc. and east of Connolly's Sports Grill. 

Some Benefits from Counseling:

  • Increased Self-Awareness
  • Improved Goal Setting
  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Self-Confidence
  • Project Completion
  • Improved Habits and Routines
  • Improved Energy and Health
  • Better Relationships   
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Increased Happiness and more...

What is counseling like?

Every counseling session is unique to the individual and their specific goals. It is standard practice to discuss the primary issues and concerns in your life during the counseling sessions.

Sessions are scheduled either in a series of weekly or bi-weekly sessions, and each session lasts around fifty minutes. Counseling can be short-term, focusing on just a specific issue, or longer-term, addressing more complex issues or improving personal growth. At times you will be asked to take certain actions outside of the therapy sessions, such as use a specific coping skill, read a treatment specific book, or keeping records to track certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Between sessions you will want to process what has been discussed and integrate it into your life. To get the most benefit, you must be an active participant, both during and between the sessions, and be willing to take responsibility for your actions, to work towards your goals outlined in the sessions. Successful therapy is often a result of an individual’s commitment to work towards change and willingness to share openly and honestly.

How long will it take?

Everyone’s situation is different, but you can expect improvements to begin from the first session. People rarely need more than six sessions to make significant progress and lasting improvements.

Establishing a level of trust necessary for this to happen may take time.  It is my priority to create a safe environment to allow this important work to happen and to work at a pace that is right for you. 

Dan Kimball, MC LPC

Dan Kimball MC, LPC 

“I offer in office and online counseling  to help you cope with your current life challenges, while making positive changes at home, work, school and in your relationships. I’ve been successful in addressing anger, depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, job stress, addictions, couples conflict and more. I bring years of professional experience and training, and look forward to helping you on your journey.”    

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