The Optitron

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What  is the Optitron?

The Optitron is a Heads up Display (HUD) in the shape of a hexagon, designed to enhance your character strengths, virtues, personal autonomy and choices. It is an essential tool of the ARIA System of Change designed to help you manage your progress in a way that is visual, trackable and experiential. With the Optitron you can easily identify the best actions to take for each step of your journey. It brings clarity, new insights and perspective and prompts you to take action on issues that you are avoiding or struggling with. It is an action-oriented, goal-focused, problem-solving approach based on the science of change.

The Optitron can give you insight on how to address present and upcoming life events and challenges, but more importantly how to be more authentic and aligned to your Highest Self and Purpose. Appreciating and activating your strengths becomes instantly empowering, due to the intrinsic motivation that comes from your autonomy and choice.


The Trans-theoretical Model (The Stages of Change)

How do I read the Optitron HUD?

The Optitron is a hexagonal display that represents the four stages of change of ARIA. The stages move outward from the center of the hexagon in a visual representation of growth. The Optitron combines the internationally recognized Values in Action - VIA Character Strengths with the stages of change. This provides you an easy reference to the 24 character strength definitions, the corresponding virtue, and position in the change process of ARIA,

Each character strength is color-coded to indicate which of the six Virtues it represents: Wisdom is purple, Transcendence is blue, Courage is red, Temperance is green, Humanity is orange, and Justice is yellow.

The 24 Character Strengths and 6 Virtues

The 24 character strengths are based on the following 6 virtues outlined by classical and contemporary philosophy:

• Wisdom – The COGNITIVE strengths used to gather and use knowledge.
• Courage – The EMOTIONAL strengths that help you act and face adversity.
• Temperance – The INTERNAL strengths to manage emotions and habits.
• Transcendence – The HOLISTIC strengths that connect everyday experiences and higher meaning.
• Humanity – The INTERPERSONAL strengths to connect deeply with individuals.
• Justice – The CIVIC strengths to help you navigate and contribute in the community.

Through regular use the Optitron will help you learn about, define and refine your virtues and character strengths to help you actualize your best self. It allows you to be proactive and not just react without reflection, as you choose the best possible response within your current situation. This will help you make your best your new baseline while avoiding the shadow side of a particular strength (underuse or overuse). As you use the Optiton to navigate on your path, you will begin to feel excited, inspired and challenged as you stretch yourself in all areas of personal growth. 

Optitron Cybernetics - The Best Helmsman for your Journey

Imagine your best, most optimized self at the helm, navigating towards your goals and destiny, governing a goal-directed, self-regulating system made of both virtue and excellence. The word Optimize means to make the best possible use of something and the Optitron reflects that spirit. Your helmsmen is your Best Self or Eudaimon, navigating by personal excellence and moral virtue (Areté) to reach your full potential and highest good in your day to day choices and action.

As the helmsman of your journey you can regularly access wisdom, insight, inspiration and direction using the Optitron HUD. While exploring different ways to navigate on your journey we strongly recommend you keep track of your progress, rather than just going along for the ride. It is essential that you record your efforts for your own reference, accountability and insights into discovering the best ways to navigate. By establishing accountability and feedback is how you self-regulate and govern within the ARIA System to ensure you are heading in the right direction while refining your efforts with each new course of action.

This is “the gift of governance” - required if you are ever going to steer towards your destiny. The word Cybernetics ( the study of principles governing goal-directed, self-regulating systems) derives from the Greek word Kubernetes (“koo-burr-NET-eez”) which refers to a pilot or helmsman who has “the gift of governance” for finding the best possible route for the direction you want to go. This feedback loop is what is known as a goal-directed, self-regulating system used in systems theory, psychology and neuroscience, philosophy, game theory and numerous other disciplines.

How to Use the Optiron

Within the ARIA framework, identify up to 8 actionable strengths to map out a plan of action. It only takes a few minutes to identify the initial steps to get you going. Once you become familiar with the Optitron you will know how to choose the right character strength, combination, and action for your particular goal or situation.

With the Optitron you will:

  • Learn about the change process
  • Create a step-by-step, action plan
  • Be more accountable to your goals

How to Access the Optitron

The Optitron is a web-based interface, accessed through a browser on your computer, tablet, or phone. There is nothing to download or install. Using your browser you can explore different areas, take on specific challenges and download PDF materials. When you return to the Optirton you can resume your progress, or choose to start over. For the best user experience, we recommend using a computer or tablet, as the phone has limited capabilities for some interactions and content.