Flow State

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What is Flow?

By knowing more about, and collaborating with your genius, fate, calling, daimon, soul, destiny you may find your real, authentic path in life. Names and words and do not tell us what “it” is, but they do confirm that it is. Together you and your daimon will be able to know the mystery and magic of your journey, with clues, hints, intuitions, whispers, and taps on the shoulder as to what action to take, moment to moment, as you continue on the path. You will become aware that you are the co-author of your life, along with your daimon. As you walk the path together, you will learn more about your Identity (Who am I?), your direction (Where am I going?) and your Purpose (Why am I going there or What am I here to do?).

Jung’s inner Daimon - To Jung, he represented superior insight and functioned like a guru to him. Philemon (Jung's spirit guide) represented superior insight and helped him throughout his life.

“[Philemon] was simply a superior knowledge, and he taught me psychological objectivity and the actuality of the soul. He formulated and expressed everything which I had never thought.”

The Daimon encompasses many qualities of which you are not aware, including qualities in yourself you do not wish to know. As you come to know your Daimon, the mysteries that lie outside of logic and thinking can be explored, and the door to your potential can be opened, it is a door not of our ordinary consciousness. Together your actions will be filled with purpose, meanings, and significance as you live your life with virtue and excellence.

The path you walk becomes your personal narrative, and it is colored by how you are seeing yourself and your life, and the steps that you are willing to take. Often your daimon has a hand in the narrative and color, and adding richness through the virtues and values you hold dear, while helping you color outside the lines.


Each step on the path can be examined in the context of what really matters most to you. Everything is created twice: first in your mind and then in reality. Can you begin to create your future in your mind and Begin with the End in Mind? By keeping your identity and your destiny or goal clearly in mind, this will help you decide your actions are each day of your life. Each time we are closing the gap between who we are capable of being and who we are actually being

The first step is not what goals you want to work on or how you plan to go about doing it. The first step to long term meaningful changes is to know who you or and who/what you want to be. Otherwise, you may start out on a path that is not really in line with who you are, or who you want to be.

By bringing Awareness to your habits and beliefs about yourself, you will have the power to shape your identity. How you think (or other’s think) of your current identity can change, based on your choices or habits. Therefore knowing your habits will help you see who you are today and help you become the type of person you wish to be. You can choose the identity you want to embody by bringing awareness to the habits of today. Every choice and action starts to outline the type of person you wish to become, as your identity emerges out of your habits. They can also change and reinforce your beliefs about yourself. Becoming the best version of yourself requires you to challenge and fortify your beliefs about yourself, to become the person you want to be. The more you embody this identity the more you will achieve the goals and outcomes that are important to you.

What is your Identity? 

ARIA helps to highlight moments of decision-making along the path so you can decide your best response. This allows you to be proactive, to know and choose your optimal response within your current situation, and not just react without reflection. ARIA helps to highlight choice points along the path so you can decide your best response for a particular goal or problem. Each Action is examined in the context of what really matters most to you, according to the goals you have and your values that our guiding your decisions. By keeping these clearly in mind, ARIA can help you decide what to each and every day of your life.