Now Onboarding Optimizers In Action

Hi Everyone! I'm excited to announce a significant addition to my Optimize Mastery journey. I've been working with a very small team to develop and nurture a space I've called "Basecamp" where anyone interested in following a path of personal development can find a supportive and engaged community to grow with.

I think this could also be a valuable addition to the Optimize Coaching Community.  Some of us have been talking about it for quite some time but maybe not everyone knows about it, so here is my invitation to you - to join Basecamp. 

Join Basecamp

You might be thinking "Wait! I still don't know what that is." So here is a quick summary of what Basecamp is all about.

The SPIRIT of it: Basecamp is a place for people to have focused conversations about making changes in your life and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be - in a community of others who are on their own similar journeys. Basecamp allows these conversations to be focused around topics of interest.

The MECHANICS of it: The Basecamp platform is intuitive - it allows for meaningful interaction and dialog. It includes a treasure trove of TOPICS that can be searched &/or commented on and that will probably be very familiar to Optimizers. By following certain topics, you can curate your feed.  And what I personally love about Basecamp: Everyone will be onboard for the single purpose of growth and connection.  

OK, now - back to what this might mean for our community. Several of us have decided that Optimizers need a really functional networking space that is solely dedicated to conversations around the wisdom that we all are using everyday. Basecamp supports all of this.  Obviously this space will grow organically, and my vision will evolve - and I hope for lots of input from other Optimizers! 

Optimizers In Action

Onboarding: Please take this as your official invitation to come join us at Basecamp.  After you log in, explore a bit and use the search feature to look up specific topics of interest. The space is still growing and I plan to populate it with additional resources and information - and hope you will offer your feedback to help it evolve! I invite you to check it out to see if it's for you. I believe the conversations around critical topics will be valuable as we move forward and go deeper in our daily practice.

Thank you again for your interest in sharing about your journey and your daily practice with this community. It's such a great honor to be in this with you.   

Join Basecamp