Certified Optimize Coach - Class I

Optimize Coaching

Actualize your potential using ancient wisdom, modern science and practical tools everyday.  

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What is Optimize Coaching?

Recently I became a Certified Optimize Coach, Class I through Brian Johnson’s Optimize Coach Training Program. The program was 300 days long with “a commitment to areté through the mastery of ancient wisdom, modern science, and the fundamentals of Optimal living—both in their own life and in service to others.

In other words - walking the walk before talking the talk!

The 10 month course included:
34 Optimize Coach Modules & Sessions
101 Philosophers Notes
300 +1s
11 Master Classes
Weekly check-ins and commitment to my Swim Buddy
The final was completing a Spartan Race or equivalent at the end. For myself I completed 2 purple belts in Southern Style Hung Gar Kung Fu and Yang Style Tai Chi - part of an Internal Martial Arts program. 

The Fundamentals Included:
- Eat: Maintain a waist to height ratio of ≤ 0.5
- Move: 10k steps or 25 minutes of movement each day
- Sleep: Digital sunset 60 minutes before going to sleep each night 
- Move: 10k steps or 25 minutes of movement each day
- Breathe: Optimal breath work each day
- Being Present: 11 minutes of meditation per day
- Prosper: 200 journal entries to win and learn each day
- Continue at my Energy/Athlētē Best  - my new baseline

Part of my commitment to the program is to “re-earn” the certification daily" "to do my best to operationalize virtue and live with areté, honoring the fundamentals and striving to be our Optimize = Optimus = Best = Eudaimōn = Hērō selves in Energy, Work, and Love.”

In 2020 I hope to complete my black belts in both systems, as well as become a Certified Instructor through the 9 Dragons Martial Arts Academy. I am also heading up the Optimize Phoenix - a Local Meetup for Optimize Coaches who are enrolled or have completed the Optimize Coaching program.  

Optimize Coaching In Phoenix

Am I the Coach for you?

Path4Change Coaching is for people who want to explore new alternatives and approaches to enhance their efforts and goals. It is a way to find new creative ways to and uncover hidden strengths and abilities to help you achieve new levels of success. Coaching is a partnership that supports you, challenges you, and helps you move forward toward the achievement of your goals and visions. As you discover your path, naturally there will be times that stretch you beyond “your comfort zone” to raise awareness, confidence and your capability to create successes.

Accountability, Insight & Support

Working with me is not just talk, as theory and information are not enough. Everything that we discuss will be grounded in practice. Togther we will develop a way to take small, measurable, actionable, realistic and trackable steps towards your goals.   I will give you all the tools I have to help you stay on your specific path, to achieve the quickest results possible. However the most important ingredient is your commitment to growing and learning as you reach your goals.

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Path4Change Coaching

DO YOU. . .
Long to do more in your life, but struggle to make it happen?
Have anxiety, worry, and self-doubt when thing about your life goals?
Feel like your just going through the motions?
Have a plan of action but are scared you won’t succeed?
Struggle with unwanted behaviors?
Feel unsure of what course of action to take?
First consider the needs of others, often overlooking yourself?

Are ready to take action? Is it time to make some changes? 
Coaching can help you to successfully start a new chapter of your life by using an action-oriented, goal-focused, problem-solving approach. Coaching can empower you to realize your potential by helping your create a vision and step by step plan to facilitate positive changes in your life. I can help you identify and tap into your true potential, your optimized self, so you can see it, believe it, and do it.

Join me for 8 weeks to discover how to:
Eliminate negative self-talk, procrastination and resistance to change
Confront habits, patterns and routines that limit your potential
Gain clarity about your values, priorities, and choices
Discover your inspiration, motivation and purpose to inspire and energize your efforts
Use visualization techniques in deliberate ways to accelerate change
Move from ideas and planning to doing and achieving.
Continue to use the principles of Path4Change into any situation

What is a Coaching Session Like?

At the start of each session we will establish what you want to work on.  I will employ a coaching style that is open and non-judgmental. I will ask questions to help you discover what is possible, to encourage your own insight, commitment and actions.

Using this motivational approach, I may reframe or provide another perspective on issues you are uncertain about, or introduce a metaphor to help to illustrate a point. I may reflect back parts of a conversation or share insights with you to highlight opportunities for learning and growth. 

Working in partnership, we will design actions that fit your goals, and work at the pace that feels right for you. Actions include thinking, creating, experimenting and doing. We will focus on what is the most important, and identify actions that will move you toward your stated goals , but the responsibility of the agreed-upon courses of action will lie with you.

To manage progress and improve accountability, I will check in with your progress of “next steps” from the previous sessions. This is to improve your self-discipline and helps hold you and me accountable to your intended actions and specific plan. We will then look at any new concerns, successes, or feedback, to determine priorities for the session.

Take the first steps towards your dreams today

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