Office Appointments

Currently Relocating my Office Setting from Glendale to Anthem.

Only Online and In-Home Sessions are available at this time.
Please contact me to be put on the waiting list if you prefer an office setting. 



"Dan has been really helpful. He is great at giving applicable and practical advice as well as tools to learn from. He helped me apply what we worked on, and held me accountable, which seemed to matter the most in reaching my personal and professional goals. Highly recommend!"

~ Coaching Client 

"Dan has been awesome. He’s very responsive and I feel like he understands my situation. He helps me look at things from a different perspective and gives me tools to overcome my challenges. Just knowing that someone cares is huge, but he goes above and beyond that and keeps me focused on the future as well as on the steps I need to take to get there."

~ Counseling Client

"I am dealing with my job and in my relationship. Dan has been helping me through some of my toughest times to get a better understanding of my core issues and I feel great talking with him. Hope things turn around for me but I am getting a better outlook thanks to these sessions."

~ Counseling Client