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Gottman Relationship App

App includes 14 card decks with more than 1,000 flashcards 

Inspired by the popular card decks from The Gottman Art and Science of Love weekend workshop for couples. This fun app offers helpful questions, statements, and ideas for improving your relationship. Normally these decks are sold for $16 each, but you can get them all for free! 

Card Categories

Love Maps & Open-Ended Questions 
Connect emotionally and increase intimacy and understanding in a fun, gentle way. Knowing your partner’s concerns, preferences, and experiences will bring you closer together.

Building Rituals of Connection 
A ritual of connection - something that is thought out and planned - will strengthen your bond.  Share When? How often? Where? Who initiates? How will it unfold?  Couples can decide which rituals to include in their lives together using this exercise.

Opportunity Cards
Little things build trust, friendship, closeness, and novel ways to connect. These cards help couples identify and act on the moments that can build intimacy.

Needs, Empathy & Great Listening  
Building love and trust involves listening to our partners and honoring their needs. This card deck helps couples create opportunities to identify and express their individual needs for turning towards one another. Asking the right questions can dramatically increase intimacy and improve connection in any relationship. Building love and trust involves listening to our partners and honoring their needs.

Adding Spice to Your Love Life  
Knowing your partner’s love needs is an important key to a great relationship, but for many of us, talking about sex is difficult. The "Salsa Cards" in this deck are a wonderful way to get the conversation going. These brightly color-coded cards are divided into three sections:
Mild – For couples who would prefer romantic, but non-sexual suggestions
Medium – For couples who are comfortable with sexual intimacy
Hot – For couples who want to explore spicier sexual fantasies