Discover your Path 


What is Path4Change? 

Path4Change is a daring, bold and action-oriented journey of self discovery. Here you can explore your own needs and desires while enhancing your motivation, vitality, personal growth and purpose in life. Path4Change gives you all the tools, structure and support you need to achieve the quickest results possible. Create your own one-of-a-kind road to success, by accessing the most effective behavior change strategies available.

Find Practical Strategies, Tools and Comrades for your Journey

Each stage of change contains key concepts and different tools to help you work on a current issue or goal. The techniques are meant to improve your optimism, stress tolerance, flexibility, problem solving, reality testing, impulse control, decision making, self-awareness and confidence to name just a few. Changes can be challenging, but with the right mindset, effort and system, anything is possible. Path4Change is that system.

Who is it For?

It is for people who want to create their own future. Individuals with a dream or desire to move forward, yet cannot seem to progress in meaningful ways. By building an awareness of what you need or want in your life, amplified with radical acceptance, you will learn how to move past your ambivalence and resistance, to become fully committed to reaching your goals. The Path4Change is not just a pep talk, as theory and information is not enough. The key is to use the right approach at the right time, which is a systems approach. Everything provided is grounded in the established research and science of change.

People make real long-term changes only when they:

  • Become interested and concerned about the need for change
  • Feel that the change is in their best interest
  • Organize a plan of action
  • Commit to taking steps to make changes
  • Take the actions necessary to make and sustain changes

How does it Work?

Path4Change employs a 4-Stage Model of Change that is packed with practical, evidence based strategies for setting and achieving goals, building habits and using your willpower wisely. This system, called ARIA, leads you through the essential stages of growth. Each stage includes two complementary components: Awareness and Acceptance, Resilience and Resistance, Inspiration and Intention, and Action and Accountability.

ARIA combines the most effective tools from positive psychology, wellness coaching and change theory for promoting your physical and mental health. Learn to develop your strengths and values along with new choices and behaviors, while managing any thoughts, feelings or behaviors that are self limiting. The different change techniques are matched to your needs and current motivation, self talk and abilities.

Learn to access and use your own inner resources with these essential steps:

1. Develop Awareness and Acceptance of where you are and where you want to be
2. Increase your motivation, optimism, energy and resources to get what you really want
3. Explore the possibilities, make preparations and start planning for outcomes
4. Make a commitment to you intended direction or change
5. Take the first steps, big or small

When Can I Start?  

Is now the time to listen to your heart, and take control of your health, your mental health, and your future? Take the first step by signing up today.   Join me in the Awareness Course for 8 weeks to discover how to:

  • Eliminate negative self-talk, procrastination and resistance to change
  • Confront habits, patterns and routines that limit your potential
  • Gain clarity about your values, priorities, and choices
  • Discover your inspiration, motivation and purpose to inspire and energize your efforts
  • Use visualization techniques in deliberate ways to accelerate change
  • Move from ideas and planning to doing and achieving
  • Continue to use the principles of Path4Change in any situation

What is ARIA - the 4 Stages of Change?

ARIA is a revolutionary approach to helping you navigate that stages of change. ARIA will help you find new creative ways to improve yourself while help you uncover your hidden strengths and abilities. It is a systems based approach to exploring new alternatives and approaches that will enhance your daily efforts and action oriented activity.