CBT Thought Record

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) | Thought Record


A Thought Record is a useful self-assessment to show how irrational or ineffective thoughts are effecting your mood, behavior, and physiological reactions to events in your life. These thoughts (inner dialogue, memories and mental images) are often ‘automatic’ because they come into our minds so quickly we are not totally aware of them.  By tracking these automatic thoughts, we can learn to dispute them with more rational and objective thoughts, which can improve our mood and responses.

This is the basic idea behind Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) however, it is not enough to just think happy thoughts. It requires cognitive restructuring to clear out the clutter of unhelpful thoughts, and then specific problem solving skills, new actions and behaviors may need to be introduced.

The Thought Record PDF can help you:
* Identify Irrational and Negative Thoughts
* Highlight the thought–feeling–behavior sequence
* Introduce more realistic thoughts
* Change your negative responses to events.

Fillable CBT Thought Record

Download the Thought Record to your Computer.  Save to computer then open with Adobe Reader.
Then you can type, print and save your records as a PDF.


 Fillable CBT Thought Record

CBT Thought Record Instructions