Anthem Walk & Talk

Get out of the office and off the couch

Anthem Walk & Talk is offered to the Anthem Community as a way to access counseling or coaching services while engaging in a simple activity that elevates mood, improves your overall health and outlook.  As we walk side by side at a comfortable pace, you will find that walking makes it easier to share about difficult issues, such as depression, relationship concerns, addictions or anxiety, or to work on specific areas of your life you want to improve.   

Benefits of Walk & Talk

Anthem Walk & Talk allows you to get out of the office, off the couch and start walking on a path of change. As we go around the park or on a path, we will literally get some forward motion going in your life. In addition to the physical benefits of regulating your blood pressure, reducing stress and increasing serotonin levels, you will find it to be just as effective and productive as a session where we are sitting together.


Is it Effective?
Throughout my career I would often meet with clients in the community, not in the office. I found that the informal setting and walking activity alleviated the initial anxiety that is common when talking about difficult issues. Everyone is quick to notice how much better they feel after combining exercise, the outdoors and professional support when meeting for individual sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet?
We can meet on any of the walking paths in Anthem, or in the Anthem Community Park. While I am flexible in location, I only consider locations that provide safety, a flat terrain and a setting that allows for important conversation.

Is this a type of workout?
No. This is slow to moderate walking, not fast walking. There is nothing physically strenuous, and you can go at your own pace, sitting down at any time.  All fitness levels can benefit, and you can bring your dog or stroller if you like. 

Are sessions confidential?
Yes. Sessions that includes walking still adhere to all the same guidelines of typical in-office sessions. All discussions are still kept confidential, and therapeutic boundaries are to be maintained at all times.  



Anthem Walk & Talk Times

Available 6AM to 7AM Monday through Friday.
On weekends I offer this option in the morning and late afternoon.